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🐾 Meet Tina: The Affectionate Companion You've Been Waiting For! 🐾

Are you ready to welcome boundless love and unwavering companionship into your life? Look no further than Tina, the adorable young lady who is eager to become a cherished member of your family.


🎶 A Heartwarming Serenade: Tina is a sweetheart who has never uttered a growl. Instead, she serenades her human friends with her delightful voice, filling your home with the joyful melodies of her affection.


🤗 Cuddle Enthusiast: Tina's heart is as big as her love for cuddles. She thrives on affection and enjoys nothing more than snuggling up with her human companions. Whether you're watching TV or reading a book, Tina will be right there, providing warmth and comfort.


🏡 The Perfect House Dog: Tina's gentle nature and loving disposition make her the ideal house dog. She's well-mannered and eager to learn, ensuring a seamless transition into your home. With her by your side, your house will truly become a home filled with love.


🌊 A Tale of Resilience: Tina's journey began when she was rescued from Baie du Cap public beach as a pup. Her story is one of resilience and hope, and she's now ready to leave her past behind and create a bright and loving future with a forever family.


If you're ready to open your heart and home to Tina, you'll be rewarded with a lifetime of unconditional love, cuddles, and beautiful serenades. Don't miss the chance to make Tina a part of your life. Contact us today to meet this affectionate young lady and experience the joy of adopting a loving companion like no other. 🐶💕


  • Age: 4 Years Old


  • Gender: Girl