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Special features:


🌼 **Meet Teena: A Sweet Old Soul with a Heart Full of Love!** 🌼


Are you ready to provide a loving home to a gentle, sweet, and wise companion? Look no further than Teena, the beautiful soul who's been through life's trials and is now ready for the comfort and love of a forever family.


🐶 **A Heartwarming Rescue**: Tina's journey began in a parking lot, where she was abandoned and left to face the world alone. Despite her past, she radiates love and kindness, a testament to the resilience of her spirit.


💖 **An Unparalleled Sweetness**: Teena's sweetness is unmatched. She's a gentle soul who prefers to keep to herself, but her love is always present, ready to warm your heart when you need it most.


🏡 **A Domesticated Companion**: Tina's demeanor suggests she was once part of a family. Her domestication shines through, making her an ideal companion for any kind of family, whether you're looking for a quiet companion or a loyal sidekick.


🐾 **A Beautiful Beige Coat**: Tina's beige coat is a reflection of her inner beauty, radiating warmth and comfort. Her appearance is matched only by the love and comfort she's ready to offer.


🐕 **The Perfect Sidekick**: Teena is more than just a dog; she's a friend who will be by your side through thick and thin. Her wagging tail and occasional smiles are reminders of the joy and love she's ready to share.


Teena's journey has led her to the threshold of your heart, where she's hoping to find the love and security she deserves. If you're searching for a loyal, sweet, and wise companion, Teena is the one for you. Don't miss the chance to welcome this beautiful soul into your home and offer her the love and comfort she's been longing for. Contact us today to meet Teena and start your shared journey of love and companionship. 🐾❤️


  • Age: 2 Years Old


  • Gender: Girl