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Paws and Happy Tails tackle the stray issues together

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Happy Tails Foundation, in association with PAWS are excited to announce the launch of their 2022 sterilisation programme!

Commencing in March 2022, we shall be stepping up the frequency of our sterilisation days and this is made possible through the generosity of animal lovers and activists worldwide.

One donor who has asked to remain anonymous is of Mauritian heritage and proud of it. This is what she had to say:

“Mauritius is paradise and I LOVE holidaying here, however, I do NOT LOVE the sight of abandoned and starving dogs roaming the streets. I want to congratulate HT/PAWS and everyone partnering in this - their efforts will improve the international image and reputation of the nation of Mauritius as people of compassion for the animal kingdom. This is sure to have a positive impact their tourism industry”

If you are a supporter, a follower, a business owner, a dog-lover and would like to join The Happy Tails Foundation on this mission to sterilise as many domestic and stray dogs and cats in Mauritius, please contact Nathalie on or +23054756607

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