Successful adoption no.7 in two weeks!

Thank goodness for the good-hearted people who are taking in our beautiful strays as opposed to buying dogs! You are all doing a great thing by supporting the local Maurichiens and we know that they will never disappoint!

Thank you to our volunteer/ photographer Laetitia and her family for giving our Brenda a forever home. Her new buddy Eclair (dog in photo) also seemed very happy to meet his new sister and didn't want to leave her side.

We wish you a happy long life together

A lovely adoption yesterday of Canelle and Cookie . They were going to only adopt Cookie, but we believe adopting 2 is always a better option, especially if you have the space and can afford to keep both. They were very open to the idea. Dogs like the company of their own kind, it helps with adapting to new surroundings if they have a companion by their side and they tend not to be so destructive when they have playmate and get to play all day!

Thank you for taking both girls

Great week with a few adoptions of older dogs, which has been very exciting for all of us involved.

"Ti Karay" has settled into her new life in Baie du Cap, we had to help the lady fence off her yard to make it escape proof, and she is even thinking of getting an extra dog to keep T.K company!

Then there is "Bella" and "Barney" who have been with us for a little less than a year. They are two beautiful dogs, going to a lovely family who already have a super friendly dog.

We wish them all a Happy life together full of love, cuddles and adventures for the years to come. We will miss them all but know they are now leaving space for others to be rescued.

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