Covid resurgence causes lockdowns until the 25th of March || PLEASE DONATE!

Mauritian Animal Lovers have been working diligently behind the scenes to bring some justice to the horrors that we have been witness to at the local pounds since November 2020. Many of us have been completely consumed by our efforts to see the local government join hands with us to drastically improve the situation and we are pleased to say that there have been some minor improvements to the way they are treating the dogs and cats in their care. Puppy steps in the right direction...

Now with this lockdown we are back to heavy restrictions of movement and unable to go out and feed the strays freely. This is a big concern for us all and we are doing our best to work together to make sure our furry friends are not left behind or ignored.

For example there is a pack of 5 dogs on an island off the coast of the mainland, who we have been monitoring and feeding 2 times a week since the last lockdown a year ago. They seem happy to have the island to themselves, but without our weekly efforts to feed them, would probably fall fate to a terrible death with no tourists, day boats or locals visiting the island and leaving scraps of food.

In these uncertain times the donations have dried up and we really need your help to keep afloat. We have food, staff and medical expenses ongoing and no way of fundraising at the moment. So please, if you can, donate whatever you can afford towards Happy Tails, enabling us to continue feeding, caring and homing the stray dogs in and out of our care.

Thanking you


Account Name: Happy Tails Foundation

Bank: Mauritius Commercial Bank, Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius.

Account Number: 000447630113

IBAN Code: MU63MCBL0901000447630113000MUR


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