RUSTY || We are hoping he will walk!

Rusty came to us from a fellow-rescuer Pretty Sacchi, who was about to take him to the vet surgeon to undergo a spinal operation in an attempt to "save" his back legs, that were completely lifeless after he had a been in an accident. We thought we could perhaps help get him back on his back legs, before he was to go under the knife, as he was only little. We planned physio, massages and swims. Unfortunately due to the lockdown, we were not able to take him for his hydrotherapy sessions, so this will have to wait.

We were lucky to have some wheels that he outgrew very quickly so another rescuer made a bigger set for him which he still runs around in now. We are hopeful that he will walk soon, he has movement in both back legs now and his tail has even wagged a few times.

He has totally captured our hearts and everyone who meets him. Please send a special thought to our Rusty so that he may walk soon and be able to run around with his buddies! Any advice or suggestions with regards to getting him up and running, very appreciated.

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