|| We need a mobile vet clinic!

The challenge we face now, is that there are so many communities wanting the Spay and Neuter services, but cannot get to us because of transport issues when we have our campaigns. If we were "mobile" and able to drive around all villages with the basic equipment we need for Spay and Neuter purposes, we are certain that we would be able to make a HUGE difference on the island for the animals.

A mobile "Spay and Neuter Clinic" would be able to do weekly programs in each village and town around the island. In any one day they would be able to Spay and Neuter more than 30 animals, resulting in thousands not being born into a life of cruelty, disease and neglect.

Not only this, but Happy Tails would be able to educate the locals on Animal Welfare and encourage them to make changes necessary to consider the dogs and cats as more than mere "strays" or "local dogs".

Every animal wants to live their life pain-free, just like you and me and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are safe and cared for.

Please help Happy Tails get the funds necessary to be able to purchase or customise a Mobile "Spay and Neuter Clinic" so that we can all put an end to the stray situation on our beloved island home.

Many thanks and blessings

The Happy Tails Foundation team

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