37 animals sterilised || December 2018

Another great #sterilisationforthenation day! Locals of Baie du Cap were once again so welcoming, this time also helping us locate more dogs and cats that needed attention. The vet team Keyur, Lorena and Kate were just amazing and relentless in their dedication to the cause.They work for ALL LIFE MATTERS ANIMAL SANCTUARY in the north, who are also doing some great work with rescues and sterilisation campaigns. Thank you! We have hope that a big change is starting to happen as we witness more and more charities organising events for the cause. It's very exciting for us knowing that there will be less strays on the road and less animal cruelty on our little island home.

We wish you all a merry xmas and new year. May it be filled with wet noses and happy tails.

Many thanks to all the supporters, fans and amazing animals we have had the chance to save and help.

The Happy Tails Team xxx

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