Message in a barrel || the sad reality

Heartbreaking defenceless puppies left in a rusty metal barrel, in the blazing midday sun, no water in sight, people around but no one who cares, no hope or freedom, no love, no compassion. Is that the world we live in? Is this the "true Mauritius"?

Behind the facade of high-tech industries, big corporations, high-end tourism, brand new motorways, a metro, smart cities ...

It seems that these little lives are disposable, not treasured, worthless... what message is this sending to our children? The future?

We, HappyTails Foundation, believe in COMPASSION for ALL living beings. We hope to spread this message throughout our work in order to create a more congruent, compassionate, loving and respectful future for our beloved island Mauritius.

#sterilisationforthenation #mauritius #animalwelfaremauritius #bethechange#happytailssanctuary #saynotoanimalcruelty

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