#Sterilisationforthenation Campaign begins in one week!

We are excited to announce that we begin our ongoing campaign #sterilisationforthenation next Thursday! With the generous help of a few true animal lovers, we will be sterilising 20 dogs in one day!

This is only the tip of the iceberg as you can imagine. There are hundreds of them, all waiting their turn. We desperately need your help to make this happen fast. If you would like to sponsor an event, please get in touch.

The total cost is only Rs20,000 for one day!

Your generous donations allow us to educate and work with the locals leading up to the campaign, making sure all the dogs are ready for their operation day and get there on time, a Vet plus experienced staff are indispensible, plus material costs to get the job done in the most effective way! Our Foundation work relies heavily on your donations. Please give generously. ALL procceeds go towards this campaign.

"Be The Change" and help us make Mauritius a more compassionate island for all living beings!

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