Sanctuary? YES OF COURSE!!!

It seems like an age since we first started posting about the development of the Happy Tails Sanctuary. All local animal lovers are impatient to see this become a reality and some have sadly even given up on the idea because it has been taking so long to eventuate. We get it. But it's Mauritius. Things take longer and the road is never straightforward. Patience is a virtue that is tested over and over on this so-called "paradisiac island".

Here's the latest...

We have a beautiful plot of land on the South West part of the island! That is a given! It has exceeded our vision in terms of beauty. We are thrilled for our furry friends!!!! This piece of land has been offered to us by the loveliest of ladies who has been so supportive and ever-so generous. We thank her and are so grateful that fate played a part in uniting us on this mission.

We also were contacted by a governmental department who also is looking into the possibility of giving us another piece of land, this time on the East coast. We are also now officially set up as a "Foundation". So things are moving, slowly but surely....

For those who are following us closely, keep the faith. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP! NEVER! The wellbeing of the strays is our mission and always will be. We want to see this island completely elevated by a sense of Compassion and Respect for ALL living beings we share it with.


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