Murderer of dogs kills 15 by poisoning!

This is yet another frustrating part of the battle we face as a sanctuary! Poisoning dogs is a "common" thing here in Mauritius. First of all, many locals do not keep their dogs safe or locked up in their yard, so these dogs are left to roam the streets during the day, being a nuisance to many neighbours, soiling their yards, eating their rubbish, barking, being territorial... the usual things that dogs do when left free to roam.

The main problem here is a total lack of communication between neighbours, a lack of understanding and respecting each other's boundaries. A lack of education. A lack of willingness to "do the right thing". This is where we foresee our greatest challenge as a sanctuary. The doggie part is the reward, saving lives, rescuing and caring for them... but when it comes to humans and their engrained beliefs that come from generations of conditioning, they are resistant to change and do not have the hindsight to see that their sometimes unconscious actions leads to unnecessary suffering of innocent living animals.

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