My journey starts today with nothing else but the welfare of animals on my mind. Today Feb 22, 2016 I pledge my heart and soul to the island and hope to make a difference in the level of Animal Welfare in Mauritius. Mauritius has had a really bad rap in the press recently with the exportation of our local monkeys to labs in Europe, horrific scenes of these poor primates in all sorts of terrifying situations, separated from not only their troops and young but also from their homes. This is slavery. It has got to stop. There are petitions that need signing so please, if you care, sign! https://www.facebook.com/SaveOurMonkeys We are so fortunate to have the power of the internet now. Big changes can happen at an alarmingly quick rate if other compassionate human beings support your cause. Am hoping to achieve that with our project Happy Tails Sanctuary. Happy Tails Sanctuary will be a safe haven for abandoned stray dogs and cats (and other needy animals). They will be rescued, rehabilitated and potentially re-homed. Another goal and aim of the Sanctuary is to educate locals from young to old about looking after their domestic animals. From puppy training tips, to understanding dog and cat behaviour & basic petcare. What our duty is when we decide to share our life with a furry friend. An important part of our time & resources will be dedicated to sterilisation campaigns. The developed countries understand the importance of this, hence why you rarely see strays wondering around the streets. Mauritius is a developing nation, and part of being "developed" is addressing the basic rights of the beings we share this planet with. We seem to believe that this planet belongs to us humans, but that is so far from the truth. We need to respect the other sentient beings we share the world with. So sterilisation of domestic pets is a must. We will educate the people about this and hopefully have the backing of the government officials to enforce some BIG changes in Animal Welfare legislation. There are many groups on Facebook that are 100% dedicated to the cause already and we will work alongside them so that we can cover the entire island and do the work required. There's only 1.3 Million habitants and around 50,000 street dogs, or so they say... so we should be able to make some big changes if we join forces with like-minded people and organisations with an aim to teach and spread compassion. Something that the world today is seen to be lacking of unfortunately. Funding: We will be relying on the local & international communities to get involved in our fundraising campaigns, companies to sponsor, donate or support us & we will have state of the art boarding kennels in place for the demand at hand, annual events & crematory facilities. All funds to go towards the running costs of the Sanctuary. What needs doing? EVERYTHING! From finding the right plots of land, designing the facilities, sourcing staff, legalities, sponsors... the list is endless at this stage. My goal is to publicly launch by Xmas 2017. If you would like to donate towards the cause in either time or resources, please contact me. Will be posting the progress on the Facebook page so please share to those who love animals. Yours compassionately Nathalie Duthil-Cowham Happy Tails Sanctuary Mauritius

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