The story of Yoda

Via the caring nature of one of the local NGOs (Angels of the Voiceless) I met Yoda. To say that he was in a terrible state is an understatement. He was riddled with mange from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail and everywhere in between. They found him abandoned in La Marre Aux Vacoas a popular place it seems to dump a dog here in Mauritius. Yoda (aka Yodie) a poor soul that had not been looked after in the correct way. He had obviously been a "problem" to his owners and solving the issue would require care, compassion, consideration and some vet expenses none of which they seemed to have.

I decided to look after him and the rest is history. He is the most beautiful natured dog now. It took time and tons of love (not much expense at all!) to get him up on all fours again.The video says the rest....

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