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Letter from Happy Tails Founder to all Dog Lovers...

Dearest Friends of Happy Tails,

Everyday we get numerous phone calls from rescuers, tourists, offices, estates, golf clubs....all needing help to rescue, foster or keep abandoned, neglected & homeless dogs. We would love to say "yes we can" each and every time, but with the local adoption rates being so low, we have reached our top capacity at 130 dogs. This means we cannot take in anymore until we get some help from you who is reading this.

There are many ways you can help... whether you are in Mauritius or overseas but our main focus is on getting our dogs into loving homes. So many more dogs need help on the island, we would like to be able to give them a helping paw!


If you are local, cannot adopt but can foster, at least some of our dogs could be cared for in a loving home, which in turn frees up space for us to be able to rescue more in need. We would take back the dog when you go on holidays, we would take care of any behaviour issues and vet fees. All you have to do is give them a loving and safe home until they can get adopted. Full support by our team is provided 24/7.


If you are overseas and would like to adopt, we can make it happen! We have dogs now happily living in Finland, U.K, France, Germany and Switzerland. They are so happy and all new adoptive parents report back to us about such beautiful and heart-warming stories of great integration of their Mauritian dog into their family with (and without) other pets and also children.

Yes, our dogs are from terrible backgrounds, but we work hard at making them great adoption candidates. We do not send dogs directly from the streets or beaches. We take the time to get them healthy and happy, so they have more of an opportunity when the time is right to integrate into a new happy and "furever" environment.

So with that said, if you can help us foster or adopt, WE CAN HELP MORE DOGS, please reach out to me on WhatsApp or email

Kindest Regards

Nathalie Duthil Cowham

CEO/Founder of Happy Tails Foundation and Sanctuary

t: +230 54756607

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