Who are we?

The Happy Tails Foundation was founded in 2018 in Mauritius, by animal lovers Nathalie and David Cowham. After deciding to move to Mauritius 6 years ago to live a quiet life, they quickly realised the enormity of the stray dog issue on the island and their plans soon changed.Nathalie, having lived in Mauritius as a child, remembered the horrific scenes of stray dogs being thrown in the back of MSPCA trucks in the school yards. This was something that shocked and deeply saddened her, being such an animal lover and coming from Australia, a place where dogs are generally treated with respect. After all these years, nothing seemed to have changed. Innocent dogs were still being euthanised in mass. They decided to do something about it and The Happy Tails Foundation was born.


In March 2019 with the generosity of a local land owner, they were able to open their first little sanctuary “The Happy Tails Sanctuary” in Choisy in La Savanne district on the South West Coast of the island. With her dedicated team, Nathalie always puts the dogs first. They get the very best care, are all sterilised, vaccinated, treated, washed, fed twice a day, walked, cuddled, kissed and given a cage-free life. It’s Doggie Paradise for them and you can bear witness to this when you see them all running free in the dog park, tails wagging and barking for joy! They are all so happy knowing that no matter what, they have a home for life. Happy Tails is a no-kill, no-cage sanctuary. 


The team organise monthly “Sterilisation for the Nation” campaigns for the local area, offering the service to the disadvantaged for free. So far more than 300 animals have been sterilised, meaning thousands not being born into a life of cruelty and suffering.


The next step is to start an Educational Program for the youth of the island. Teaching them the basics of Animal Welfare and how to look after their pets. Promoting Compassion to All Living Beings as much as possible. Also on offer at the sanctuary, are volunteering opportunities for those over 16 who love animals. The youth can, during their free time help us look after the dogs by playing, walking, washing, training and socialising with our dogs, to get them ready for adoption when the time comes. 


“In 2020, we need to make some BIG changes happen, we need to get enough regular funding to keep doing what we do, but also expand our radius to the neighbouring villages such as Le Morne Village” Nathalie insists.


Do your bit for the strays of Mauritius, and support The Happy Tails Foundation. 

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